Thanksgiving Prayer 2018

Father, There is an enemy and we are in a war. One of the weapons You have given us is thankfulness. You repeatedly tell us to give thanks and to be thankful. Although we set aside a day to give thanks, I pray that you would make us into, as You’ve said in your own […]


Thank You

I knew the passing of my Dad would be hard, but it turned out to be difficult beyond anything I ever imagined. I pretty much cried my eyes out for the first week solid. I honestly felt like I didn’t want to go on with life without Dad. It was easily the most emotionally trying […]

In Memoriam: My Dad

A PICTURE OF GOD When someone becomes a child of God the Bible speaks of them as being adopted as sons. Unbeknownst to both of us at the time, 46 years ago, James M Herr showed me a picture of God when he chose me to be his son. Most do not know that he […]